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HIP in Cheshire provides information, local social activities, courses and mutual support to people with acquired head injuries, their families, friends and carers. The charity also holds monthly coffee mornings throughout Cheshire where members can meet new friends, socialise and support each other.

Acquired head injuries can affect people in many ways including speech and coordination, memory loss, physical impairments, emotional and mental health problems to name a few. The impact is wide ranging including some people being unable to return to work, loss of driving licence, negative impact on relationships, financial difficulties and above all isolation and loneliness.
Everyone's experiences are unique, and each person's recovery is different but at HIP in Cheshire members come together to support each other, make new friends, enjoy social events and have the benefit of shared experiences.

HIP in Cheshire works hard to raise local awareness of head injuries and undertakes a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year.

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To join HIP in Cheshire:
Telephone: 01244 650522
Email: info@hipincheshire.org.uk

Receiving a Head/Brain Injury is easy. It can happen to anybody at any time.

50% are as a result of road traffic accidents: a car accident, a bike accident, getting hit by a bus. The worst injuries often occur following motor bike accidents.

20% are as a result of domestic or industrial accidents: falling off a ladder, or down the stairs. Slipping and hitting your head on the floor or a hard surface.

15% are as a result of sport and recreational injuries: falling whilst snowboarding, getting hit by a bat, stick, fellow skier or hard ball.

10% are from an assault: getting assaulted when out in the evening, or at night/weekend.

5% are from a medical condition: getting treatment for a brain tumour.

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