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HIP in Cheshire

At HIP we help those who are living with a brain injury. There is a general lack of knowledge of the effects of a brain injury. There is no single problem. The magnitude and combination of impairments vary. The following provide an indication of the issues that we, our friends and family experience and manage:

  • poor mobility and loss of balance
  • speech problems
  • eyesight problems
  • poor memory
  • poor concentration
  • poor planning and problem solving skills
  • poor perception, recognition and judgement
  • lack of initiative
  • slowed responses
  • loss of physical sensations
  • personality changes inability/difficulty to read
  • inability to listen to music
  • intolerance of noise
  • quick loss of temper intolerance of alcohol
  • difficulty in controlling emotions
  • lack of inhibition/inappropriate behaviour
  • lack of a sense of humour
  • inability to do household tasks
  • changes in taste
  • unable to drive
  • lack of insight societal judgement (looking "normal" but having impairments- unable to do what others expect)

Useful Reference

Head Injury : A Practical Guide By Trevor Powell. ISBN 0 86388 451 2
From Headway or www.speechmark.net.

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