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ladies39 circle at trinity church

On Monday 5th March 2018, Maggie Allan and Paul Hayward from the HIP team, met the Ladies' Circle at Trinity Church in Ellesmere Port to receive a donation.

On Monday 5th March, the members of the Ladies' Circle were hosting their weekly meeting. However, on this occasion, they invited Maggie and Paul to come and talk about HIP, and receive a donation.

The ladies had held a fundraising event around Christmas to raise money for HIP. Trinity Church is the location of the Ellesmere Port coffee mornings, and home to many courses for the Ellesmere Port and Chester HIP members. As such, the fundraisers were familiar with HIP, having already met many members at the Church.

Whilst attending the meeting on Monday, Maggie and Paul were able to give a talk to the ladies and give them a greater insight into what HIP does and how it helps its members.

At the end of the meeting, the ladies presented Maggie and Paul with an amazing donation of £224.50.

We couldn't be more grateful for this donation from the Ladies' Circle at Trinity Church. This will help fund more courses to be run at Trinity Church, as well as socials for members.

If you would like to fundraise for HIP, like the Ladies' Circle, please contact us on, or 01244-650522.

By Maggie Allan.

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