Support at this challenging time

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I hope everyone is keep safe and well. We have put together some useful links:

Please see the link below I believe this to be a very self-reflective tool to be used to ensure we are all taking care of our health and wellbeing during this current situation we are facing.

The Stroke Association have this webpage which is dedicated to COVID-19 and stroke:

On this page it also has a link to register as an extremely vulnerable person to get help with things like prescriptions and shopping:

Headway also have a webpage, but the information seems to be more generic, rather than ABI specific:

Cheshire Age UK website:

Helpful websites about mental well-being:

Carers UK, if any members have friends/family or professionals caring for them – includes tips on things like making a plan in case those providing care become unwell:

Wellbeing Guidance:

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