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One of the ABI unit clients has told us about this lovely new cook book he's just bought which is written by ABI survivors and supported by South Yorks NHS. Some of you may already know it but for those who don't it's well worth a look. Everything is presented in words (large font, short sentences) and pictures. It starts before the cooking with what shopping to do, then pictures of every piece of equipment you need, then walks through every step, no matter how small (so there are 27 steps to doing tuna and egg salad!), and continues after you've eaten with instructions to store the leftovers, put some stuff in the bin, washing and drying etc. Really excellent for anyone with attentional issues.

The book is called Cook and Eat: Big Meals You Might Eat At Teatime and is part of a range of specially adapted cookery books written by occupational therapists. Check it out and let us know how you get on.

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