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Participatory Photography Course

At HIP in Cheshire we have just completed our Photography Course. The members have really enjoyed the course and have much better understanding of the different uses and possibilities of the photographic image, all have changed the way that they interpret photographs that they encounter on a day to day basis and all able to use photography as a way to communicate or express how they are feeling better than before our HIP course.

Some of the feedback _
"It surprised me how it forced me to think differently about photography and I believe it has been a positive step towards rehabilitation. Excellent camaraderie experience and I would highly recommend it."

"I knew my camera skills were not good and feared a lack of offering any use. Johnathan soon put my fears to rest and we all brought our own skills to the course. I came away a lot more knowledgeable."

What did you like most about the project? "Learning new aspects of photography. Re-motivated to use own camera in a different way, Meeting new people in a group. Enjoying creative and funny moments together"

"Johnathan has a great style of delivery in terms of pace, good use of empathy, humour and subject knowledge. Well suited to ABI survivors. I've thoroughly enjoyed the course and have personally developed more self confidence and well-being after each session"

The Course has made a huge difference. Thank you to Jonathon from Jonathon Clover Photography and thank you to you all who support HIP which means we can make a difference.

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