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Please have a read below of Chris's inspirational story and if you would like to donate please go to Chris's page.

In 2006 I suffered a brain injury from an RTA. Rebuilding from that incident was a long and tough road. HIP in Cheshire supported me through that transition and made an enormous difference to my family. It's a deeply personal charity for me and I hope my plans are crazy enough to convince you to make a donation to the charity. Head injuries can be totally devastating, all are pretty unique and they are more common than you think. I can personally stand up and say this charity makes a real difference on the ground. Your support is something I am extremely grateful for.

Event details

Rockman SwimRun and UTMB
Both events are self funded. The SwimRun is a new-ish sport with multiple swims and multiple runs, with the runs done in the wetsuit. It's a paired event see for a taste.

UTMB is a second attempt for me. I took it on last year and failed due to heat stroke — for those that sponsored me and never found out the result, sorry, but BT wouldn't allow me to send you all a message and I couldn't be sure who had sponsored me; e.g., I know lots of people called Steve! I made it 80 miles and had been going really well, but just couldn't control my body temperature. I stopped sweating and even the following night I was still violently sick. The decision to drop out was really hard at the time and I still think about it, but I made the right choice. To get in again I had to complete a hundred mile race — my 3rd attempt at the distance and first success. This time I plan to complete the final marathon, but who wants to start a journey they know they will complete!

Good Luck Chris from all of us At HIP in Cheshire, you really make us all very proud — Thank you. Some pictures of his journey so far.

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