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During the ongoing Lockdown, we are working hard to keep in touch with our members and keep our community connected. Our virtual coffee mornings have been a great success but we want to offer you more and also make the most of the Covid-19 funding we have received.
Last Thursday, we trialled our first ever HIP Exercise Class and as with everything HIP does, the focus was on having fun. To a great selection of tunes ranging from Tina Turner to Diana Ross to T.Rex, our instructor Ginette led us through some great chair based routines with dusters as pom poms and wooden spoons as drumsticks!
Here's a few words from Ginette who has previously supported our Mad Hair campaign.
Hi! I'm Ginette. I run MyHappyHour Fitness which is fitness for all. If you are looking for serious fitness then I am sorry-jog on. MyHappyHour is all about fun and laughter. Each session is an oppotunity to forget our troubles and feel good. Oh yes- you will get fit too! We offer loads of classes but our "Derrière Dancing" is particularily special. You need all the basics a good supportive chair, couple of dusters (or socks) and a pair of wooden spoons. Intreguied? Then come and boogie...hope to see you soon. Ginette xx
Michele, one of our Ellesmere Port group took part last week and loved it. This is what she had to say about it – "Thanks so much for the exercise class this morning, it was great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so relaxing too and a good laugh with Ginette. I will definitely be joining in again next week, it's on the calendar!"
Do everything at your pace, if you just want to join in and have a sing along, that's fine as well. We just want to get everyone involved. There is also a fabulous relaxation section at the end of the class which is really uplifting. The next class will be this Thursday, 16th July at 11:00.
The class is run over Zoom which you can do on a laptop, tablet or mobile via the internet so if you would like to take part, please send an email to and we will send you the link. If you would like to talk through using Zoom, please let us know and we will offer our best technical advice.

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